Israel’s new high school counselor to open in Jerusalem

An Israeli high school will soon open a counselor’s position in Jerusalem.

The Israeli Education Ministry announced Monday that Mitzpe Shalom High School in Kiryat Arba will be the first Jewish high school to open a full-time counselor’s role.

The role is expected to serve at least 15 students.

The school is located on the western edge of Jerusalem, just north of the Old City.

It is part of a new wave of Jewish high schools opening in Israel in recent years, which are all being led by Orthodox or Hasidic religious leaders.

The new role is not affiliated with the school but with an educational foundation that has been founded by the head of the Ashkenazi Orthodox community.

The program is a part of an Israeli initiative to promote religious diversity and to promote interfaith relationships.

It follows a similar program that was launched in Jerusalem last year.

A rabbi has been appointed to the new position, with an opening date set for April 2020.

“I feel honored to take this job,” Rabbi Erez Avraham said in a statement.

“In the past I have served as a counselor in private schools, and it was only during my school years that I felt this kind of opportunity to serve the Jewish community.”