NHL medical school to reopen this year

The NHL will reopen its medical school this year, its first since the lockout.

The news was announced Monday by Commissioner Gary Bettman, who said it was “unprecedented” to have a medical school reopen after a lockout.

Bettman said the school, located in the University of Wisconsin Madison, is a unique opportunity for students to “be a part of an institution that is uniquely positioned to provide the medical education and expertise that is needed in a rapidly changing world.”

“I think that the medical school is a great place to start and a place to be for young men who are interested in the profession of medicine,” Bettman said in a statement.

“This is a fantastic opportunity for a young man to start his journey and learn about the challenges facing young people today.”

Bettmiller said the college will offer students “a wide range of specialties, disciplines and specializations.”

“We are proud to be in this position, as we hope that this school will be a model for others in the future,” he said.

The school opened in the mid-1980s as a place for medical students to earn medical degrees, and since then it has been home to medical schools in the U.S., Europe and Asia.

The NHL has also opened medical school programs in New Zealand, Canada, France and South Korea, and its current medical school in St. Louis, Missouri, opened in 2013.

The league has also established its own program in California and in Japan.