Students, dentists and their colleagues: What’s your top school for dental assistants?

Irish students are ranked as one of the best places to study dental assistants in the world, with some students claiming that the Irish Dental Association has a “top-ranked” dental programme.

According to a survey conducted by the Irish Association of Dental Schools (IADDS), which also analysed student results, over 4,000 dental students were polled across the country.

The study, published in the Irish Times, revealed that Irish students ranked as the top five dentists in the country, while their peers from England, Wales and Northern Ireland all had top-ranked dental programmes.

Students also ranked highly in their interest in dental research and research projects, with many participating in projects in their local area.

Among the best dental schools in the UK, University College Cork’s programme was rated as the best in the US, according to the IADDS survey.

The IADSS said the results from the survey are an indication of how students view dental care in the city, where over 3,000 students were surveyed.

In a statement, the association said that its survey results demonstrate that Irish dentists are highly sought after and highly regarded, with students in the province being highly sought-after as well.

“Dentists are viewed by students in Ireland as the most desirable career in the profession,” the statement said.

“The IADS survey results are an indicator of how well-informed students are in their choice of dental education and the quality of dental care offered by dental schools.”