“Cancer-Free Kids” story: The story of a school in the middle of a crisis

A school in Sarasota, Florida, is offering free cancer screenings and a school musical this year to the students and staff of a high school in crisis.

The school’s superintendent says that in his years at the school, “we have never seen a day like this,” and the students of the Sarasota County High School of Music, Arts and Sciences have taken to the streets in the past two days to protest their school’s management and the school’s administrators, who they allege are insensitive to the needs of students.

Students are demanding that administrators hold a school board meeting to discuss how to support students in crisis, as well as the school board and administrators to ensure that the students feel safe.

The Sarasota Times reports that the school district has yet to announce any policy regarding how to respond to the protests.

The students of Sarasota High School are demanding to know why their school has not been given adequate support from the school and the Sarasoke County Sheriff’s Office.

The county school system issued a statement about the protests saying, “We will be transparent with students, parents, and community leaders about the actions taken by the school as well the results of those actions.”

The Sarasotas school district said that in addition to providing free screenings for cancer screenings, it is also working with the Sarasotos Department of Emergency Management, and the county’s Department of Law Enforcement to offer cancer screenings for students.

Sarasota School District officials said that this is the first time in its history that the Sarasots school has been contacted about a health crisis, and it was not the school system’s decision to implement the screenings.

The district’s statement also said that the district is working with health care providers to ensure all students receive the screenings they need.

“The school district will continue to provide the health care services that we need to ensure the safety and wellbeing of our students, staff and community,” the statement read.