How to help children and families affected by the monster school reopened

How can you help the children and parents of East High School reopen their school?

The students and staff are still recovering after a fire destroyed the school on Sunday.

We’ve had over 1,100 calls from the community about students and teachers in need, and we’re trying to reach as many families as we can to provide them with as much support as we possibly can, said Superintendent Michael Dittmer.

This is a devastating loss for the entire East High family.

East High is located in northeast Ohio, just across the Ohio River from Cincinnati.

It has a total of more than 100 students and one teacher.

West High, also located in Ohio, was devastated by the fire on Sunday afternoon.

Our first priority is the safety and well-being of our students and their families, Superintendent Dittmers said.

We have had an outpouring of support from our community from around the world.

Students are in the midst of a major transition period as they return to school.

The school was designed for about 400 students, but now it is just about 50, including some who were originally on the wait list to be admitted to the school.

It’s also been hard on teachers, many of whom have had to work extra shifts to accommodate the students.

We’re doing everything we can, Dittmarers said.

The district is offering free counseling for students who are considering transferring to another school.

Dittmars said the district is also working with parents to offer free counseling services.

Parents can also sign up to receive free information on school safety and help for kids who are experiencing stress and anxiety, Ditmans said.

East High School has reopened after a massive fire destroyed it on Sunday, Sept. 9, 2018.

The fire destroyed part of the building and a school bus, which is also part of its school system.

It is located at 15500 West Boulevard in northeast Columbus.

A photo taken from the school bus shows a student sitting on the ground, with her head resting on a table as other students sit around her.

The student is seen on the bus next to her.

The student is wearing a yellow t-shirt, which reads, “All About Me,” and is holding a red, white and blue bag.

The school is open, Dettmer said.

East is the only school district in the state that closed its entire high school system in 2016.

The fire destroyed many of the buildings in the area, which has caused a loss of life.