New York City Schools, New York Gov. Cuomo: We need to get over our fear of Trump

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo said on Monday that he believes that there’s still time for school districts to implement “safe zones” around the president.

The comments came during an interview on “Fox News Sunday” on Sunday, in which Cuomo said that schools need to be “prepared for a lot of the things that are going to happen” in the wake of the election.

“We have to prepare ourselves to have a conversation with each other about, ‘We can’t have this happen.

There’s going to be consequences, we’re going to have to have these discussions,'” Cuomo said.”

But I also think there’s more to it than just fear of the other side.”

The governor also said that he was hopeful that the state would be able to make progress on some of its issues like school safety, including a plan to offer free health screenings to students with mental health issues.

“I believe that we need to do more.

I think we can make some progress,” he said.

“But we have to be careful about the way we handle these things, because I think some of the people in charge of our education system, particularly the teachers, have to do their jobs and do what they’re supposed to do, and that’s to make sure that our kids are safe.”

The Republican governor also spoke about how schools are being “treated like prisons.”

“I think we’re in a prison of education, and I think that we’re treating schools like prisons,” he added.

“I think there are people who are really pushing this narrative that we should all be living in prisons.

We should be living on our own, but we don’t.

We’re living in schools, and we’re not.”

Cuomo’s comments come just days after the city’s mayor, Bill de Blasio, signed an executive order that would create safe zones around schools, including one for schools in the predominantly black city of Brooklyn, and allow students to be fingerprinted and checked at entrances.

“In the wake and aftermath of the presidential election, we are at a moment where we have a lot to address,” de Blasio said at a news conference in New York on Monday.

“Schools and community centers are not safe zones.

We must protect them from the attacks of the extreme right.””

It’s not just about whether you like him or not,” the mayor added.”

It is about what kind of country we want to create.”

New York Governor Cuomo speaks at a press conference on March 17, 2019.

New York State Governor Andrew, Cuomo speaks during a news briefing on March 16, 2019 in New Rochelle, New Jersey.

Cuomo said he was confident the city could make progress with school districts.

(Getty Images)In a press briefing on Monday, de Blasio told reporters that the mayor had instructed his staff to “make sure that we have the best possible training for our teachers, so that we can protect them as much as possible from the extreme left.”

Cuino’s comments came amid the latest push for school safety measures, as the president’s campaign has been urging school districts around the country to impose “safe zone” restrictions around him.

Trump has accused Democrats of trying to destroy the school system, saying in a tweet on Monday: “When you put the words ‘safe zone’ in front of our schools, you are putting them into jeopardy!”

“If there is a danger in a classroom, and the school district can’t prevent that danger, then you put in place a safe zone and you’re not going to get any progress,” Trump said.

Trump’s campaign was also in the middle of an extensive push to impose safe zones for students in public schools, which it has described as a “massive security breach.”

In January, Trump issued an executive action that expanded the use of school districts as safe zones, which could lead to schools being closed in the event of a mass shooting.

School districts in New Jersey and New York have also been debating whether to impose a safe-zone ordinance in their schools, as Cuomo and de Blasio have been pushing to do.

The New York School Boards Association (NYSBA) said that it is “currently considering a number of options for safe zones.”

The New York SAFE Act, introduced by New York Assemblywoman Melissa Mark-Viverito in 2017, would create a safe zones that would include schools, libraries, playgrounds and public libraries, among other places.

De Blasio, a Democrat, has called for the creation of safe zones at the state and local level.

In an interview with NBC’s “Meet the Press,” he told host Chuck Todd that “it would be a great thing” if “a district or a city could do a safe area.”

De Blasio has also proposed that schools be designated as “national centers of learning” by the US Department of Education.

Which medical school is best for you?

Medical school is a great place to start your medical career, but it’s not necessarily a place to land your dream job.

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Johns Young Scientist Institute (JYSI) 7 7.

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University Hospital of Ghent (HUG) 8 8.

Northwestern Medicine ( Northwestern Medicine) 9 9.

Johns University (Johns Hopkins) 9.1 9.

University Hospitals of Chicago (UHIC) 9 10.

Duke-New York Medical Center and Johns Hopkins Medical Center/University of Pennsylvania 9.4 10.

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