Which school in Newark has the highest graduation rate?

New Jersey public schools are the top state graduation rate for all age groups.

However, it is unclear how many students are graduating from the state’s most high-achieving schools.

The New Jersey Department of Education and Research, which administers the state-funded New Jersey Promise, released the results of the state graduation test on Tuesday, with graduation rates from each district listed in alphabetical order.

The department said that the results show that all students graduate from high schools in the state, including those in the Newark Public School District (NPSD), which was named one of the best in the country in the 2014-2015 school year.NPSDs graduation rate is one of just three districts to have a high graduation rate.

The others are the Jersey City Public School district and Newark’s Central School District.

The graduation rate of students in Newark Public Schools is one third higher than that of the other four districts.

Newark Public schools have a total of 1,400 students.

The Newark Central School district, which has more than 1,100 students, has a total graduation rate that is two and a half times higher than Newark’s NPSD.

Principal Edgardo Guillen said the state report was “a good start”, but added that it will take more data to find out if students are better off in their communities.

“We are just scratching the surface,” Guillon said.

“If you look at graduation rates in the past, you can see that there is a very strong correlation between the graduation rate and a child’s achievement.”

The more you learn about these schools, the more we can better understand why those rates are so high.

“The results of New Jersey’s graduation test were released at a time when a national debate is being waged about how schools can best improve students’ outcomes.

The education secretary and New Jersey Governor Chris Christie have pushed for the government to provide more funding for school districts.

Christie, who recently launched a $10bn plan to help state schools, has promised that every child in the US will have a quality education, but there is an ongoing debate about whether the federal government can provide the same level of support to school districts across the country.