How to get ready for school closers at the school you love

What to do if you’re in a school closure situation: In the event of a school closing, you need to be able to get a car for the drive home.

But before you go, take these simple steps to make sure you don’t miss a moment.1.

Get the school map.

The school map is your best place to find out what schools are closed.

If you can’t find it, call your local library.2.

Check the website of the local news station.

It’s a good idea to get the local TV news station to pick up the news of the day.3.

Check local newspapers.

Some are available on-demand.

The best news is delivered by local, independent newspapers.4.

Ask around.

Many schools have a Facebook page or a Twitter account to keep in touch with students and parents.


Get your school ID.

This is a must-have.

You will need it to enter the school.6.

Find out if your school has a phone network.

Many school phone companies offer a free service to help students and families connect and stay connected.7.

Ask the school board.

The board of trustees will usually be able, through their website, to get you in touch.


Check with your local public school district.

If you live in a city or rural area, make sure that your school district is on their list.


Check your state and local tax codes.

The federal tax code makes it very difficult for students and their families to pay for school materials.

If that’s the case, the best option is to contact your local tax office.


Make an appointment to talk to a school counselor.

Many teachers are trained to handle student closings, so getting a coach can help.


Bring a lunch box or other school supplies.

If there are no lunch options at home, you can bring your own.

If the school has no cafeteria, bring lunch to school.


Be prepared to leave early.

Students are expected to be home by 4:30 a.m. and have breakfast by 5:30.

Be sure to arrive at school early, but be prepared to be out for two to three hours.13.

Get prepared for the long haul.

Many closings are temporary and do not last long, so you can work through the day and make plans to be back home on a different day.14.

If school is closed, be sure to make time to visit friends and family.

If your friends are in school, make them aware of your school closure status and be prepared.