‘Japans school uniforms are a disgrace’: Teachers union demands uniforms

JAPANESE school uniforms have become a national issue after a teacher union demanded the uniforms be changed after the government rejected a bid by local school districts to switch to Japanese school uniforms.

A group of teachers from Tokyo’s Tohoku Prefecture and Osaka Prefecture demanded the change on Friday after Japan’s education ministry rejected a proposal by Osaka, the home to most of the country’s prefectures, to switch from the Japanese school uniform to the more colourful school uniforms favoured by other countries.

A spokeswoman for the Japan School Teachers’ Union said on Monday the union would be pushing for the changes, which would include replacing the school uniforms with a uniform in the colours of the Japanese flag.

The proposal came after the education ministry said in June it was unlikely to take any new decisions on school uniforms after a meeting of the national education council, which is composed of education ministers and top education officials.

Japan has a long history of adopting the uniforms of other countries, including South Korea, China and the United States.

It is a sign of respect to the past.