Ohio school closers to stay, students to stay

The Ohio School District is expected to keep about 7,000 students from leaving the state and students will remain in school, officials said Monday.

The district said it is continuing to work with its parent agency to create a plan to address the immediate impact of the district’s financial impact.

The Ohio Department of Education will conduct a second review of the school district’s finances, which could include financial management and debt consolidation, officials say.

The district’s $17.6 billion budget is $2.8 billion below its target, according to district documents.

The new plan calls for closing the school system in 2019.

The state of Ohio also announced the closure of five schools and the closure and closure of other community schools and special education schools.

The closure of schools has been in the works for more than a year.

In January, the Ohio Board of Education approved a plan that would have closed the remaining schools, but the Ohio Senate passed a budget that would allow the closure to go forward.

The school district is still seeking to get an extension on the state budget so that the district can reopen the schools.

Ohio Department Of Education Director Dan Siegel told reporters Monday that the budget request will go before the state legislature this month.

The $17 billion budget would also include a $5.3 billion fund for community colleges to help students with financial aid.

The federal government would provide an additional $4 billion for the state.