Students at Newark Public Schools are getting backpacks for the school year

Newark Public School students are getting their first backpacks in the school district’s classrooms, along with new school-wide bags for drivers and teachers.

Newark Public Schools announced the new school backpack designs Tuesday in a video posted to the Newark Public Affairs Office’s Instagram account.

The district has been testing the new bags, which will go on sale in January.

The school district is one of a handful of public schools that have already been tested, and students have already received some of the new designs.

Students at a Newark elementary school have received their first backpack for the year.

Teachers have received some new bags and new school uniforms for teachers.

School district spokeswoman Lauren Davis said the new backpacks will go to students in grades 4-8.

“The goal is to give kids something that’s really special and something they really need,” Davis said.

School District staff are working with district representatives to design and develop a bag for each student, including a keychain holder.

Davis said the district also plans to roll out the new design at several schools in the Newark public schools.

Last week, the school system announced that it was testing out a new program to test students for certain behaviors and learn from mistakes.

In addition, the Newark Education Department is developing a new resource to help schools improve their behavior and discipline.