High school graduation rates drop in Stuyvesants

Stuyvetsant High School graduation rates in St. Louis County are down from 2014 when the school opened.

Stuyvesan High School had the highest number of students graduating in 2018, and graduation rates at Stuyvezans were the highest in the nation in 2019, according to the State Department of Education.

In the past decade, Stuyvy’s graduation rate dropped from 74.6 percent to 67.9 percent.

The Stuyvaesants graduation rate also dropped from 71.5 percent to 66.8 percent.

In 2018, the number of graduates dropped by 11 percent and the number with high school diplomas dropped by 6 percent.

Source: State Department, St. Paul Pioneer Press article St.

Louis County’s graduation rates are declining for the first time since 2014Stuyvezan High is the only high school in St Louis County that is not currently accredited by the state, which was the first city in the state to get its own accreditation, in 2003.

The city of St. Marys has since become accredited by several accrediting agencies.