Why is there a public school in Cleveland?

COLUMBIA, Ohio — Cleveland Public Schools is getting a new charter.

The school district announced Tuesday that the high school will be known as “ClevelANDe” and will start classes in September.

Its name comes from the name of the city’s school district, which is located in the suburbs.

“Clevelands education system is in the process of transitioning to a new, high-quality, district-wide, publicly funded system,” the district said in a statement.

CPS has already taken steps to make Cleveland a more welcoming and inclusive place for all students.

This new charter will be a model for the future, Superintendent John Bostwick said in the statement. 

The high school is scheduled to open in September, the school district said.

The new charter is a partnership between the Cleveland Public Schools and Cleveland-based school provider, Cleveland-Clevelanders Educational Development Corporation.

The school district was awarded the charter in 2016.

More than a dozen students, many of them in grades 4-8, are set to attend the new charter, including an all-girls high school.