How to help West Hills school’s students pay their tuition

Students who live in West Hills will soon have a new option to pay their way through school.

Students who live near Skyline High School in the west end of Toronto will be able to pay for their fees at the school’s Skyline high-tech school.

Students can pay by credit card or PayPal, but there is no fee to attend the school.

The school opened in 2014 and it has a student population of around 2,000.

Skyline’s new technology school will be a part of the school district’s innovation hub, where students can get free and discounted tech products.

Skylinx, the company that operates Skyline, is partnering with Ontario’s Ministry of Education, Culture and Science to bring the school to students in Hamilton, York Region and Peel Region.

It is a partnership that was originally created in order to bring technology into schools.

“The school was created as an extension of the innovation hub at Skyline and has grown in size since its opening,” Skylinx spokeswoman Danielle Smith said in an email.

“We have seen the opportunity to offer students the ability to pay tuition by credit cards or PayPal in the same way we do in other areas of our school district.

We are very excited about this.”

Students can also pay by checking out an online account with Skyline.

The school’s website will have a link to a payment plan that can be used at the college and high school.

Teaching assistants at the new high-school, which will be called Skyline Tech, will be trained to provide the technology and will work with students to ensure their education is a success.

Students will receive an electronic voucher that can also be used for college tuition.

Students will be eligible for an additional credit for technology and a computer science and technology degree at SkylinX.

“Students who choose to pay by debit card or credit card will be responsible for paying the tuition and fees for the school year,” Smith said.

“Skyline Tech is looking forward to partnering with our students to support their education in Hamilton and Ontario.”

The school will open in September and the new students will receive a computer, a computer lab, an office and an in-house IT department.

Skyliner Tech will have four classrooms that students can use to work on their technology projects.

The new technology program will offer students a wide range of classes.

“This is a great opportunity for students to learn in a high-performing environment where they can get the skills and the knowledge they need to succeed in our community,” Smith added.

Students at the Skylinxt Tech school will have to meet the same admission standards as students in the high-performance schools, but students can also transfer to other schools in the community.