School officials say they’ve been told not to raise grades at school

SCHOOL officials in Monroe County, Louisiana, have told schoolchildren not to go to the playgrounds to raise their grades, the Wall Street Journal reported on Tuesday. 

According to the newspaper, School Superintendent Scott Wiernberg said the school system has been instructed not to participate in extracurricular activities such as basketball and track, and said that while the school district does have some rules and regulations for children, they are not the same as the rules governing schoolchildren.

“We have not been told we are not allowed to go out in the field and play basketball or go on track,” Wierk said.

“We are not asking students to go outside to play.”

“We just don’t want them to be distracted and be distracted by a game of basketball and soccer,” he added.

Wierk’s comments come after a new law in Louisiana took effect this month that requires schools to have a policy for students to not engage in extrabalancing activities, such as sports or playing video games. 

The state is currently seeking comments on whether to extend the policy to high school students.

Wiederk said he had not received any complaints about extracuration from students. 

“I would hope not, because if I had been told that, I would not have put in the time,” he said. 

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‘I don’t believe in guns’: Parents of 9-year-old accused of stealing guns question his innocence

Parents of a 9-years-old boy accused of allegedly stealing guns and ammunition have voiced their doubts over his innocence.

In a letter to the family, parents of Joshua Lacy, a second-grader at Northside High School in Broward County, Florida, said they were disappointed that the 9-Year-Old was allegedly charged with the crime and that they believe that his arrest was an attempt to cover up the crime.

“This boy has not done anything wrong.

This boy is just a good boy,” the letter read.

The family also questioned the lack of a search warrant and why Lacy’s mother waited for the police to arrive at her son’s home before searching the house.

A search warrant was executed, but it was not immediately clear whether a search was conducted at Lacys house, according to the letter.

They also expressed their frustration that Lacy was not given a full police report.

“It is obvious that the parents had no intention of doing anything that would lead the police or the court to the truth, which is that Joshua Lacey has committed this crime,” the parents wrote.

“As a parent, I believe that if this child was charged with this crime and his mom was not aware of the fact that he had a gun in his possession, then that would be very concerning.”

The letter also questioned why Lacey was arrested even though his parents were told he had not done any of the things listed in the arrest warrant, such as stealing a handgun.

“If the parents of this child did not know about his weapons and ammunition theft, they should have contacted law enforcement immediately and requested to see the gun or ammunition,” the family wrote.

Police officers in Browards district attorney’s office did not immediately respond to a request for comment on Tuesday.