Chicago Public Schools to offer $5,000 scholarship to students who can name the best school in their high school

Chicago Public School’s new high school robotics project will award $5 for every name.

Students will be required to use a Google Maps app to select the school they’d like to attend, and the school will then match their request with a Google search.

The idea is to encourage students to look for schools where they think they might have a chance of succeeding academically, and they can apply to the Chicago Public schools if they think their school might be an option.

For now, the school is only offering the name of the school on a Google Map.

Students are being asked to nominate their high schools from their own Google Maps and will then be able to choose one to take a trip to for an entire semester.

They will also be able choose the school name on the school’s official website, and will receive a $5 scholarship to cover their tuition and fees.

In order to earn the $5 million in scholarship money, students must submit their Google Maps coordinates, their hometown, and their date of birth.

They can also provide an email address, and students will be encouraged to apply by contacting the school directly.

They must also complete a list of their school’s current and past alumni.

Students who are selected will then have three months to choose a school, and in the first year, they’ll have the option to continue their school journey by visiting a school in another city.

The scholarship money will be split between the school and the students, who are eligible to receive $1,000 toward tuition, fees, and books.

The money will then go to the school for the next three years.

Disney’s Frozen, Frozen Fever, Frozen in 2D, and Frozen Fever 2D: What’s New

Disney’s hit animated film Frozen has returned to theaters in the United States, and its second season of Disney XD’s Frozen Fever will debut on the streaming service on Tuesday, November 10.

Frozen Fever: Episode 1 is a new installment of the original series, and will be available for purchase on the Disney XD website on Monday, November 7.

Disney XD is releasing both Frozen Fever and Frozen in its original theatrical format.

In the original film, Anna and Elsa travel to the land of Arendelle in search of a magical princess who is trapped in a snowstorm.

Frozen in Frozen Fever follows Elsa and Anna as they discover that a frozen snow globe that belongs to a distant princess named Olaf is also frozen in time.

Anna, who is also trapped in the snow globe, is forced to use her powers of ice to save the princess.

As the two women try to save their beloved prince, Anna must face off against the mysterious Frozen.

In Frozen Fever Episode 1, Anna is able to break the ice globe, and in the process, her powers awaken the Frozen Princess, who will be the focus of the next chapter of the Frozen saga.

Frozen: Episode 2 will be a two-part episode, featuring the Frozen princess in the form of Elsa.

The episode will be titled Frozen Fever in 2-D, the Disney Channel’s first Frozen crossover show.

Anna is joined by her sister, Olaf, and her cousin Kristoff in the new series, which will air on Disney XD in the US on Tuesday November 10 and in Canada on November 11.

Frozen fever 2-d: What is new in this week’s Entertainment Weekly article The Disney Channel is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year.

With a total audience of approximately 26.6 million viewers, Disney Channel has been the #1 entertainment network in the U.S. for 11 straight years.

Disney Channel was created by the Disney-owned Walt Disney Studios and produced by Disney Television Animation and Imagineering, which are owned by Disney.

Disney Television Networks and Imagineers also produce and distribute various shows, including Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., and Disney Junior’s The Jungle Book.