How to teach your kids to be cool in public school

A new video by The New School and the Spokane Public Schools shows what you need to do to help students develop their social skills when they’re at school.

The two videos have been produced by the Spokane Education Foundation and are being released this week as part of their series “What Every Child Needs to Know.”

The videos were produced by The Seattle School and School Sex Project and feature two parents who have been in their community as teachers and students for years.

The video series also features an expert panel of experts on what to do when your kids are not getting along at school and the effects it has on the students.

The panelists include Kaila Williams, who teaches kindergarten, and Emily Smith, who works with students in the district’s Special Education program.

The video series has been featured on ABC, PBS, CBS, FOX and NBC, and was featured on Fox News and on CNN.

The school district’s special education program is focused on providing services for students with disabilities, including students with intellectual disabilities.