Liberty High School students to start class on Oct. 14

Liberty High school students will begin classes on Oct 18 and will have to work through the rest of the week in the classroom to prepare for the beginning of the year.

Liberty High School officials announced Monday that classes at Liberty will begin on Oct 4.

The start of the fall semester at Liberty was originally set for Aug. 22, but officials have now extended it to Oct. 12.

“Liberty is an exciting opportunity to help our students experience a truly unique learning experience,” said Liberty High Principal Mark Wertner in a release.

“We know we will have a diverse student body in 2019 and will continue to offer the best in education for the next generation.”

Liberty has not released the number of students participating in the program, but Wertnner said the school hopes to reach at least 20 percent of students by the fall.

Liberia’s students will receive four years of full-time instruction, with additional training in leadership and community development.

The school will also offer a three-year college preparatory program that will help students prepare for a degree.

Liberity High School is one of five high schools across the state to offer a six-month school year starting in the fall of 2019.