The Best and Worst Schools in Georgia: What to Do About the ‘Charter School Wars’

As we head into the fall semester, we’re reminded of just how complicated it is to navigate the education system in the Georgia region.

The stakes are high, and a great deal of the state’s schools are struggling.

The good news is that the current state of the system is not in any danger.

There are a handful of states in the South where we are in the middle of a charter school crisis.

For those states, the charter school issue is a complicated one.

The stakes are very high, too.

Charter schools have become a hot button issue in recent years, but it’s one that has been largely ignored by the media.

While the issues surrounding charter schools are complex, the issues of public accountability and school quality are equally so.

We’ve written extensively about the charters in this article and it should be an informative read for anyone who is considering attending a school outside of a traditional district.

It’s important to note that there are some schools that are currently being operated by private companies and it is important to keep in mind that there is no guarantee that they will perform as well as traditional districts.

So what do you do if you want to attend a charter schools in Georgia?

The best thing to do is to make sure that you get in touch with the schools directly and see what is available.

Some of the most popular schools in the state include the following:  Georgia Charter Schools , Atlanta Charter School , Baker Charter Schools and Atlanta Community Charter School. 

These schools are run by private groups and can be very helpful in finding a school that fits your budget and lifestyle.

Here’s a look at some of the schools that you might be interested in:Atlanta Charter Schools is one of the more popular charter schools available in the metro Atlanta area.

The school has been operating for nearly a decade and boasts of having a “world class curriculum” and “an innovative curriculum.” 

This charter school is run by the Atlanta Charter School Association, which is a nonprofit organization that promotes education excellence in the region. 

Baker is a charter and private school that is also located in Atlanta. 

This school has a “charter-style” curriculum and is a popular charter school in the Atlanta area that focuses on early childhood education. 

Atlanta Charter Community Schools is a private, charter school that serves the greater Atlanta area and is operated by the Greater Atlanta Alliance. 

The charter school serves a large number of students and is open to all children regardless of income level. 

There are many other charter schools that offer a variety of learning styles and curriculum that you can choose from, as well. 

Here’s what you should know if you’re considering attending these schools.

If you want the best schools in your area, you should check out the list below and be prepared to make some tough decisions.


Atlanta Charter Schools A charter school with a charter charter is one that is run as a for-profit company.

Private companies are not allowed to operate in Georgia, but there are a number of charter schools operating in the area that are run under charter charter statutes.

These charter schools operate in a variety or formats including, but not limited to:  Academics, Charter Schools, Clerkship Schools, Charter Schools for the Arts, E-Learning Centers, Teacher Training Centers,Teacher Support Centers, and School of Science.

You can find the full list of charter school operating companies on their website, as they’re constantly updating their listings.

This is one school that should be on your radar if you plan on attending a charter.


Atlanta Community Charter Schools  Atlanta Community charters are charter schools operated by non-profit organizations and do not have the same requirements as traditional schools.

The charter school operates on a school-by-school basis.

 They operate in various educational areas, including:  Elementary, Middle, K-8, High School, Student Development, and English. 

Charters are considered a “special needs charter” and are limited to students with disabilities. 

They are also accredited by the National Association of Community Colleges, which means that they are subject to the requirements of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act.

Many of the charter schools have excellent educational offerings and are well funded. 

A good charter school can offer students a variety and diverse education.


Baker Charter SchoolsBaker charter schools serve students in rural areas, high-need and minority communities, and inner-city areas.

They are operated by charter school groups, which are governed by a governing board.

They are accredited by The American Association of Charter Schools. 

Students are offered an online and in-person experience to help prepare them for the real world. 

You can check out

Liberty High School students to start class on Oct. 14

Liberty High school students will begin classes on Oct 18 and will have to work through the rest of the week in the classroom to prepare for the beginning of the year.

Liberty High School officials announced Monday that classes at Liberty will begin on Oct 4.

The start of the fall semester at Liberty was originally set for Aug. 22, but officials have now extended it to Oct. 12.

“Liberty is an exciting opportunity to help our students experience a truly unique learning experience,” said Liberty High Principal Mark Wertner in a release.

“We know we will have a diverse student body in 2019 and will continue to offer the best in education for the next generation.”

Liberty has not released the number of students participating in the program, but Wertnner said the school hopes to reach at least 20 percent of students by the fall.

Liberia’s students will receive four years of full-time instruction, with additional training in leadership and community development.

The school will also offer a three-year college preparatory program that will help students prepare for a degree.

Liberity High School is one of five high schools across the state to offer a six-month school year starting in the fall of 2019.

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