The College Board says it has approved a new policy that prohibits students from wearing certain “blackface” outfits on campus

NEW YORK — The College Fund, a nonprofit that manages $7 billion in assets, has approved new guidelines that prohibit students from dressing up in stereotypical African-American attire on campus.

The policy, adopted in June by the Board of Trustees of the University of Pennsylvania, prohibits students who are enrolled in certain undergraduate and graduate programs from wearing the attire, the nonprofit said in a statement.

It goes on to state that wearing the clothing “in a manner that is offensive or offensive to a person of color” constitutes a violation.

The decision follows a complaint from a group of students that said wearing the apparel is an expression of racism and constitutes discrimination against students of color, the group’s lawyers said in an email.

The group was represented by the Center for Constitutional Rights, an advocacy group that has argued that the clothing is racially discriminatory.

In June, the university suspended its annual blackface celebration, saying it “has a long history of violating the First Amendment rights of students.”

The college’s decision follows similar rules put in place last year at the University to limit the costumes worn by students.

When Coronado High School reopened, students are back in the classroom

More than 1,000 students at Coronadans High School in Coronadas High School were back at school Monday after being shut down for the winter.

The Coronades High School District reopened the school for the first time in six years on Monday, the district said.

The district said students who missed the school-wide reopening would be allowed to return for the following school year.

The reopening was originally scheduled for Friday, but was delayed because of the snowstorm, said Coronados High School Principal Joe Maresco.

“We are grateful to the school community and the staff that worked so hard to bring back the students,” Marescom said in a statement.

“Our students are able to attend school again with confidence and will be able to continue to meet their education goals.

We thank them for their continued support and look forward to seeing them again soon.”

Maresco said he hoped students would return to their classes by Friday.

Coronadacs district is now accepting resumes for positions, which will be advertised through the district’s website.

Students have been required to wear protective gear, such as hats and gloves, during reopening.

Marescos district will be recruiting students to help out during the reopening of the school.

More than 1.3 million Coronadian students are eligible to attend Coronaderas High School.