Why do school dances in Collier County feel like a Christmas miracle?

More than half of the teachers at the Collier Community Schools in Colliers, north of Melbourne, are out of work.

Key points:Dance teacher, dancer, parent, community activist, dancer and parent of dancer, Collier’s Dance Academy have all lost their jobsIn this video from the Colliers Community Schools’ dance academy, a video about the Colliar school dance festival is shownThe dance academy is set up as a non-profit and has taken in over $3 million in grants from the Government for the next three yearsThe Colliers dance academy in Collies Glen has also been hit hard with cuts to funding and the Collierville Dance Academy in Melbourne, which is set to close in March, is also at risk of closure.

A video from Colliers Dance Academy on the Colliery Arts Centre in Melbourne was recently aired on RTÉ’s Lateline, and has since gone viral.

The video features two Collier dancers – one with a long beard and the other with a curly one – and the community activist and dance teacher, who is the mother of a dancer, who speaks passionately about the need to protect the community from the effects of the cuts to school funding and dance.

The Collier Dance Academy is set-up as a community school and has been in operation for more than 25 years.

It was established in 2010, with a community festival being held in Colli-Garden on Christmas Eve, which featured performances by the likes of The Vampiricos and Jai Alai.

In the video, one of the community activists, who spoke to Lateline on the condition of anonymity, said she felt like the community was being threatened.

“We’ve got cuts to the community school funding, and we are just in a bit of a financial hole,” she said.

“The funding cuts have made it so that there’s a lot of people who are in the community without the support system that they need.”

They are just sitting on the streets, they are homeless, they have nowhere to go.

“A lot of these kids are in really desperate situations, with nowhere to sleep.”

It’s like Christmas in terms of having the community to support them.

“The Colli Community Schools Dance Academy, which has been running for the past two years, is set for closure in March.

In her video, the community volunteer and dancer, speaking on condition of confidentiality, said that this had been a difficult time for her family, as well as for other families.”

I feel that we are all losing everything, so we are now in a very difficult situation,” she says.”

In terms of being able to provide for ourselves and our children, we are facing a really difficult time.

“With a lot more cuts coming down the track, it’s not just the dance academy.

I know that in the next couple of years we will lose the Collies Dance Academy.”

It’s the community who are being forced to move outThe community activist said the community had been forced out of the Collieston dance academy and into a hostel.

“There are a lot people who don’t have any resources or a place to live and who have no other option but to go back into Colli,” she explained.

“Now the Collis are losing their dance academy for the first time in their history.”

This is going to be the first of many things that are going to happen, and people are going home, they’re not going to come back.”‘

We are going on holiday’The community advocate said it was the people in Collieland who were being forced out.”

People have been kicked out, people are moving out of Colli and out into the suburbs,” she told Lateline.”

So there’s really a huge amount of people affected by this, and now there’s the opportunity for families to come to Colli to spend Christmas.

“While the Collie community are feeling the effects, the Collian Dance Academy and the local community are struggling to find ways to keep the community together.”

So this is really going to affect them and the entire community.”

‘I don’t believe in guns’: Parents of 9-year-old accused of stealing guns question his innocence

Parents of a 9-years-old boy accused of allegedly stealing guns and ammunition have voiced their doubts over his innocence.

In a letter to the family, parents of Joshua Lacy, a second-grader at Northside High School in Broward County, Florida, said they were disappointed that the 9-Year-Old was allegedly charged with the crime and that they believe that his arrest was an attempt to cover up the crime.

“This boy has not done anything wrong.

This boy is just a good boy,” the letter read.

The family also questioned the lack of a search warrant and why Lacy’s mother waited for the police to arrive at her son’s home before searching the house.

A search warrant was executed, but it was not immediately clear whether a search was conducted at Lacys house, according to the letter.

They also expressed their frustration that Lacy was not given a full police report.

“It is obvious that the parents had no intention of doing anything that would lead the police or the court to the truth, which is that Joshua Lacey has committed this crime,” the parents wrote.

“As a parent, I believe that if this child was charged with this crime and his mom was not aware of the fact that he had a gun in his possession, then that would be very concerning.”

The letter also questioned why Lacey was arrested even though his parents were told he had not done any of the things listed in the arrest warrant, such as stealing a handgun.

“If the parents of this child did not know about his weapons and ammunition theft, they should have contacted law enforcement immediately and requested to see the gun or ammunition,” the family wrote.

Police officers in Browards district attorney’s office did not immediately respond to a request for comment on Tuesday.