Which nursing schools are open to all students?

Nursing school openings in New York, Massachusetts, California, and Texas. 

The following schools are currently open to anyone in the United States: American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP) American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) Academic Behavioral Health Services (ABCH) Bath and Beyond Center for the Behavioral Health (CBH)Cedar Rapids Center of Excellence for Nursing (CORE) Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Center to Prevent Health Outcomes (CPHO) Crown College Dallas Delaware Florida Florida Atlantic Georgia Georgia Southern Hankook Houston Hudson Indiana Indiana University Iowa Iowa State Kansas Kansas State Kentucky Louisiana Louisville Marshall Mason Memphis Mississippi Missouri Northwestern Ohio Oklahoma Okla Oregon Pennsylvania Pittsburgh Texas Texas Medical Center University of Texas at Dallas University at Houston Virginia Wichita State Wyoming Read more about nursing schools. 

But some of these schools are closed due to the Zika virus. 

For example, the Center For Behavioral Health at the University of Houston, the Center for Behavioral Health and Social Work at the College of Physicians and Surgeons of the University at Buffalo, and the Center on Aging and the Family at the American Academy of Nursing are all closed. 

“If the government is going to put money into schools, then they should be doing it for everyone,” Melissa Boussou, who works as a nurse in New Orleans, told Newsweek. 

While the Centers for Disease Prevention and Control (CDC), the American Academy Of Family Physicians and the University of Texas-Dallas have all publicly stated that they would reopen the schools, there are still many people who feel the need to travel outside of their home states. 

It’s not only nursing schools that are facing a need to reopen their doors, but the healthcare professionals who care for patients also have a need for extra staffing. 

According to the Center For Behavioral Healthcare, the total number of primary care physicians is now in excess of 4.2 million, with an additional 672,000 working in other settings such as home health and community health. 

There are currently more than 8 million people in the US living with chronic diseases, and they will require more medical staff in the future, according to the American Nurses Association. 

Although many schools are opening, it’s unclear how many of those who currently have a job in nursing are actually being retrained. 

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