The first Reddit law school opened in Colorado

Provo Canyon State University in Colorado has opened its first law school.

The law school will open in the fall of 2019 and will be accredited by the National Association of School Boards.

The school will offer a bachelor of arts in social work, a master of science in criminal justice, a bachelor’s in political science, a two-year master of social work program and a master’s in criminal procedure.

The school is one of a handful of new law schools opening across the country.

The others are in New York City and Austin, Texas.

Law students have been trying to get a legal education for years, said Robert D. Johnson, executive director of the Colorado Legal Education Association.

The first law students were offered a place at a local law school last year, but they were not able to attend because they did not have the funding or the resources.

In the fall, the Colorado Association of College and Professional Schools launched the Colorado College Prep program.

The program allows students who are currently enrolled at a public law school to apply to attend a local college preparatory school for free.

The program, which offers a four-year certificate of completion, has been expanded to the Colorado State University, University of Colorado Boulder, Colorado State and the University of Utah, Johnson said.

The new law school was the first to receive an accreditation from the National Associations of School Administrators and the Association of Professional and Technical Schools.

The association oversees accreditation and accreditation of public law schools.

Johnson said the new law degree program will be taught by lawyers, which will give the students the most advanced experience in the field.

He said it will help the students gain an understanding of how to handle complex cases.

The university is accepting applications now through November.

The announcement comes as the law school continues to attract law students.

In 2016, the school became the first school in the United States to offer a law degree.

The Colorado Bar Association is reviewing applications to make sure they meet its standards, said Gary Johnson, the association’s executive director.

The association has not yet received any applications from law schools outside of the state, he said.

Johnson did not immediately return a message seeking comment.

The state bar said in a statement that the association is currently evaluating applications.

The organization will announce whether it has received any new applications for the next year in a week or two.

The state is also looking for qualified candidates to fill the law schools vacancy, said Josh Rosen, an attorney with the Colorado Department of Higher Education.

He noted that the new schools will be a good match for law schools in other states that offer legal education as part of a credentialing program.

He said the law graduates who are not accepted to Colorado schools will continue to be able to practice law, so the state is not abandoning that pathway.