How to get a better school system in Pinellas County

By Brian RohanPublished Mar 18, 2018 06:00:02The Pinellac school system faces a potential $10 million deficit if it cannot cut the $8.5 million deficit in next school year.

Pinellastans can help save the district by donating their own money to the Pinellasters Community Fund.

PineLLastans will receive a tax deduction of up to $100 for each $1 donated to the fund.

Pinellas students will be given free transportation, and they will receive discounted bus tickets, but there will be no tuition discounts.

Pine LLastans students will also receive free lunch, free books and other benefits.

Pinella students can also take part in a campaign to donate to the school fund.

Here’s how to donate:PineLLastan Students will be able to donate at least $10.

The PineLLasts Community Fund, the largest non-profit of its kind in the country, has raised $15.6 million to assist Pinellasts students in the current fiscal year.

The funds have been used to support schools and services in need.

Pines School Board Chairman Joe Garcia told the news site News4Jax that the PineLLas district has had an average of $7.6 billion in debt over the past decade.