When the sun goes down in Gaston County Schools, you should probably pack sunscreen

GASTON COUNTY, Texas – When the sky goes down and the wind chills come down, you might want to pack sunscreen.

In a case of the sun going out for good, one county school district is trying to help parents make the right choice by offering an extra day of school for students in the heat of summer. 

“We’re trying to make sure parents are getting the best out of school and keeping their children safe, but we want to make our schools as good as they can be, especially during the summer,” said Dr. Michael Kuehl, superintendent of the GASTONS COUNTY SCHOOLS.

Kuehls goal is to get more students home to school during the heat and to make a difference in the lives of students, who may need extra help from school staff or have health problems that need to be treated.

The district’s district administrator said there are several options the district could use to help families during the hottest part of the summer, including providing school counselors and health services.

In the meantime, the district has a couple of summer activities in its calendar, including an art competition. 

Gaston County School District is offering a special free summer camp for children in the summer to help them stay hydrated and stay safe.

The program will be held in the elementary school at the Gastons County High School, which is about 30 miles from Dallas.

The school district will provide free school uniforms and supplies to students, including sunscreen, drinking water, and hygiene products.

The GASTons County school district has already offered the free summer program to the public.

About 2,500 students are participating in the program.

The goal is for about half of the students to return home by July 1.